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Paper Crowns

Chapter Three:

Pessimistic Realization

Light shines through the window as I sit up on the floor where I fell asleep. It looks like everyone else in the base are in dreamland. I yawn and take a moment to we lost two more? Well that isn't very good at all...maybe Charlie and Leer were crooks but they were useful crooks. Now we are going to have to fight their possessed bodies at some point. How pessimistic this is.

I was awake too, unbeknownst to the others. They always paid so little attention to my actions, or a lot depending on the time of day. I wasn't an idiot. I was fully aware that I was the product of suspicion, yet that mattered little to me. All that was on my mind was surviving to tomorrow, just as it should be on others; but how quickly this had turned into something akin to an annoying reality show.

Still scanning the area and seeing no movement I get up to walk around. Maybe I am just a tad depressed. Now there are only 11 of least we have the supplies but two of our best men are gone. You would think that being the oldest I would be looked up to more, but apparently looking like a 15 year old didn't help with that. I sigh as I sit down with a drink of water. What on Earth are we going to do?

The movement attracts my eyes. Mopsy is up and about. Part of me wants to go and sit next to him, to talk to him. But another keeps me where I am at.

I pull my knees up to my chest and hug them. There is really nothing to do...and I can't sleep.

I stare at the ceiling, listening to the breathing of the bodies around me and timing my own to the pace, relaxing. Things are so peaceful like this. It is hard to believe this peace will be shattered when they all wake up. In the end I truly am the only one safe from the constant loom of possession they all have to face.

My eyes open once again...did I fall asleep like this? Probably. "It's too quiet" I whisper, not wanting to wake anyone up...but still someone to talk to would be nice.

"I know..." I echo back before I can stop myself.

"Jasper you're awake?" is all I ask. Well I am rather annoyed he didn't talk to me sooner...but what can you do right?

"Yeah..." I have already given away the fact that I am awake. No use pretending I am not.

I get up and walk towards him, sitting down next to him. "Why did you stay so quiet then?"

I shrug. "I guess I didn't want to wake anybody with sleep being so scarce and short lived right now."

"I wonder who is next. Only 11 humans left what a pleasant thought."


Again I find myself scanning the room. I guess I just don't really know what to say back.

I was content with the silence so I didn't make a move to disrupt it.

Again I find myself rubbing my eyes and curling up on the floor. Well maybe I need the sleep anyway...

I continue sitting there as I did every night, watching the sleeping bodies of my companions.
novel by myself and :icontruthless00:

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January 15, 2013
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