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This deviation was deleted

to begin, this automatically scores high with me due to the blood XD and now i shall get serious:
-beginning with basics, again with lines, but these do look a little better so you are improving just like i thought X3
-THE COLOURING!!! oh wow it is reaaalllllyyy great here!! the shading is beautiful and the image is nice and 3D here~ love it!!!
-the blood..amazing
-the concept, clearly a "Cupcakes" reference so it again scores high with me and you definatly made clear what this is referencing right in the image so i have to give you a pat on the back for that!!
-now the back-ground...makes me feel fluffy all a good way
-the anatomy looks lovely here ^^ you are definatly improving at a nice pace so pat on the back again ^^
-nice job drawing the cutie mark ^^ though did you forget Pinkie Pie's or is it on her other side? -honestly isn't sure here-
-my only major critique is her eye, it looks much to square here so if you made it look more like the actual shape of an eye that would even out the facial features better ^^
again i just have to say i love this so congrats and keep up the great work!!!
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