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Paper Crowns

Chapter Five:

Final Resolve

Mira's meetings always drag on; vexed I slam my head down on the table, suppressing a groan. Des is up there, arguing about tactic. Someone is cheerful today. Acting like a military leader, like she knew anything about it before all this happened. Like Mira was an actually leader in anything other than maybe a class president before all hell broke loose. These events had changed everyone. Heck I definitely wasn't the same exact person I was before. It came with the situation I suppose.

Damn these simple fools!! They must see that my plans are the best and I intend to make them. "Look you impudent brats we have to go for their stronghold first, despite that we lost two of our best we cannot mope like sad losers!" I feel a growl escape me as my fist hits the table and I stand up. Mira thinks she knows more than I, however I have experience in combat unlike her and nobody here seems to acknowledge that. Fools. Fine they can die by stupidity but I won't let their moronic decisions impede my survival in any way!!

I wait to see what our calm, collected leader says about this. I swear I can't fathom how she manages to keep this group into dissolving into a bunch of squabbling brats. "I understand that Des, but none of us are moping about as you seem to like to put it. We just need to think things over, get more information before we go charging in." Mira responds icily calm. Leaning back, I supress as yawn as I decide to step in and back up the leader. "Mira's right. For all we know it could be hell out there, wouldn't want to walk into a trap." I would know all about it. I had been there before, during a reconnaissance mission. The place was loaded with threats that could possible eliminate the entire team. And charging in would definitely result in defeat.

"And where is your information?" I sneer quietly. "Yes. we need some damn information but you have failed to present any nor do you have any plans to collect, so instead of making me out to be irrational go and get this information."

"Fine. I will take a team and get you your precious information. Whoever wants to go with me, speak up now,"

"Count me in."

I counted the hands, but in the middle of the count, our leader rose up quickly out of her seat. "I will head the mission, if you don't mind. And we need to leave at least four behind to guard the base and in case, by some miracle or curse, Charlie and Leer come back," she spoke gravely. Geez. How someone so inexperienced could manage to stay so calm in this situation is beyond me. I mean I wouldn't pee my pants, but if the tables were turned and I had to lead the last few survivors on Earth, I probably wouldn't handle it so professionally. Or maybe I would. Won't know unless it happens, right?

My feet make their way to the door; it is time to get my weapons. I will not be useless here and we will stop these creatures. The world was ours to begin with, and that will never change.

And so we were off. Now the fun was to begin. Whether the humans recovered their world or the creatures took it over was more than likely to be decided here. Then this game of cat and mouse would be over and there would be no more wondering, no more fear, only the certainty of a winning side.
by myself and :icontruthless00:

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